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Seafood trays

The first eco-friendly seafood tray
Say goodbye to polystyrene trays! Opt instead for Ecopack Concept's eco-friendly seafood trays, made from plant-based, biodegradable and compostable materials.

Seafood trays for your fish counter

Unique seafood trays

We live in an age when more and more consumers are sensitive to environmental issues. They are actively seeking to support companies that share their eco-responsible values. By using eco-friendly seafood trays, you're showing that you're part of this new wave of environmentally-conscious companies.

Polystyrene seafood trays, which are harmful to the planet because of their long decomposition times, are rapidly becoming obsolete.

Ecopack Concept seafood trays, on the other hand, degrade in just 3 months, offering an environmentally-friendly alternative while maintaining the presentation quality of your products. It's a decision that benefits both your company and the planet.

By making this responsible choice, you can not only build loyalty with your existing customers, but also attract new customers who are looking for seafood platters and share your environmental concerns. Choosing Ecopack Concept trays is a step towards a more sustainable future, where your fishmonger plays an active role in preserving our precious ecosystem.

Preserve the freshness of your seafood platters

Our eco-friendly seafood trays are meticulously designed to protect the freshness of your products. They provide a protective barrier that keeps the texture, flavor and quality of your seafood intact until it reaches your customers' tables.

This preservation of freshness ensures that every bite of your seafood is as delicious as if it came straight from the ocean. The quality of our seafood platters not only preserves the quality of your products, but also contributes to customer satisfaction.

Satisfied customers return, recommend your fishmonger to friends and family, and help build your reputation as a place to find seafood of unrivalled quality. This is an essential asset for your business, as freshness is a key criterion for customers when choosing their preferred fishmonger.

The advantages of our eco-friendly seafood platters

  • Material 100% from vegetable waste : Our seafood trays are made from bagasse, a material obtained entirely from plant waste, helping to reduce waste and reclaim resources that were once little exploited.
  • Use of renewable plants : Bagasse comes from renewable sources, such as sugar cane, which regenerates in just 12 months. This guarantees a sustainable supply and a minimal environmental footprint.
  • Significantly reduced footprint: Our trays offer a major advantage in terms of space. They take up seven times less volume than polystyrene seafood trays, making them easier to store, transport and manage your company's space.
  • Recycling in the paper/cardboard industry : Our bagasse seafood platters are fully recyclable in the paper/cardboard industry, contributing to the recycling loop and the reduction of plastic waste.
  • Easy composting : Our seafood platters are compostable in a simple garden installation. This is attested by the OK Home Compost certificate.
  • Total and rapid biodegradability : At the end of their life cycle, our seafood trays degrade naturally within a few months, transforming into a natural organic fertilizer and contributing to the health of the earth.

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