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Innovative, eco-friendly packaging

Ecopack Concept is made up of professionals from the world of packaging. Over many years, we have developed innovative packaging solutions for a wide variety of sectors.

As a result, we have witnessed a growing demand for products that are more respectful of our environment.

Ecopack Concept was born in response to this pressing market need. The fruit of our experience, we are now in a position to offer ecologically sustainable alternatives for a wide range of projects.

Our job is to bring new trends in ecological packaging closer to the real needs of companies!


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Eco-friendly products

We develop environmentally-friendly packaging solutions for our customers. We are committed to meeting your needs by offering attractive alternatives with quality service. To guarantee your satisfaction, we are constantly on the lookout for new materials and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. What's more, we stand out for our expertise in the development of environmentally-friendly packaging and our ability to propose sustainable solutions aimed at replacing the packaging most harmful to our planet.

Customized products

Developing customized products is our specialty. We've been doing this in the packaging world for many years. Taking into account the specifics of each project, its needs and constraints, is a complicated but exciting challenge. It's all about finding the most appropriate technical solution, without neglecting the design aspect. Our design department will offer you attractive solutions, which you can visualize realistically in 3D, enabling you to make better decisions.

Customized products

We believe in the strong impact of personalization as a brand vector. We offer our customers the opportunity to highlight their image by personalizing some of our packaging. Our range of Kraft cardboard bowls is an excellent example. You have the freedom to print your logo or any other graphic design on these bowls, reinforcing your visual identity with your customers. We are committed to working with you to create unique packaging that meets your expectations.

Making the ecological choice

Making the ecological choice when it comes to purchasing your packaging means taking part in the global effort that our planet demands. Every gesture counts, and no-one can turn their back on this reality any longer.

But taking the plunge also means responding to the demands of your own customers. Indeed, consumers are increasingly attentive and critical of poor packaging practices.

Why wait when innovative solutions exist?

Ecopack Concept has chosen to move away from the traditional route, focusing on ecologically sustainable solutions. It's a difficult choice, as it involves a considerable effort before arriving at the optimum product. But we're convinced we've made the right choice.

Sea turtles are splendid creatures, unfortunately threatened by man's excesses, and cruelly impacted by the overflow of plastic waste. That's why we've chosen them as the symbol of our company.

Thank you for supporting us in this process.

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