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Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms of use carefully before using this site. By connecting to this site, you accept these terms and conditions without reservation. Also, in accordance with article 6 of French law no. 2004-575 of June 21, 2004 on confidence in the digital economy, the managers of the present website are :


Vendor: refers to the company Ecopack Concept
Customer: designates the purchaser on the Ecopack Concept site
Parties : The Customer and the Vendor constitute the Parties


The purpose of these general terms and conditions of sale is to define all relations between Ecopack Concept and its customers.
- Telephone: 04 65 84 98 90
- Postal address: 2, place Edmond Régnault 5, chemin des Huguenots 26000 Valence

Ecopack Concept reserves the right to adapt or modify its GCS at any time. In the event of modification, the GCS in force on the day of the order will be applied to each order. The customer is therefore invited to consult the site regularly to keep abreast of the latest developments, particularly when ordering by telephone.

Special terms and conditions of sale

The customer acknowledges having read, at the time of placing the order, the special conditions of sale set out on the site (name, price, ingredients, weight, quantity, color, special features of the products, cost of services and limitation of certain product categories) and expressly declares his unreserved acceptance of them. By placing and confirming an order, the customer fully accepts the special terms and conditions of sale, which are the only ones applicable to the order.


Any order placed implies full and unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale.
The customer places an order in accordance with the instructions on the site. He chooses from among the products offered and adds them to the basket by clicking on the "Add to basket" button. The photos presented on the site are not contractual and under no circumstances constitute an exact representation of the products that will be delivered. The words "Produit bio" or "AB" mean "produit issu de l'agriculture biologique" certified by QUALITE FRANCE SAS F-35039.
The order is summarized and the customer confirms this by clicking on "order summary". The customer then follows the order process indicated. The order will be validated when the customer clicks on "I confirm my order" at the last stage of the process.
There is no minimum order.

Order validation

Any order form signed by the consumer by "double-clicking" constitutes an irrevocable acceptance which can only be challenged within the limits set out in these general conditions of sale.

Buying products on the site

To purchase a product, customers must be at least 18 years old.

The sale of alcohol to minors is strictly forbidden.

Commitment to quality and substitution

In the event that the Seller's supply of products does not allow it to deliver to the Customer in accordance with his order, the Seller may substitute an equivalent item in the catalog after having informed and received the Customer's agreement.
If a product does not meet the Seller's quality criteria, the Seller may offer the customer an identical product (same variety) that meets the Seller's quality standards.
In the event that there is a price difference between the original item and the substitute item to the Customer's advantage, the Seller will credit the Customer's account with the amount resulting from the difference between the amount of the item at the time of the order and the amount of the substitute item. In the opposite case, where the replacement item is more expensive than the original item, the Vendor will bear the additional cost.
If no agreement can be reached, the seller may issue a refund corresponding to the price of the missing product and consequently cancel part of the order.
Upon delivery or receipt of the order on site, if the customer finds that one or more products are of unsatisfactory quality or missing, he/she must notify the seller immediately. The seller will compensate you with a credit note on your next order or a refund of the product.

Terms of payment

Payment terms apply to all transactions between the seller and its customers.
Payment is made by credit card via the secure payment system offered on the website before delivery or collection of the order on site. All prepared orders are paid in advance.

Order modification / cancellation

The customer cannot modify or cancel his order. On simple request by email, the customer can postpone the collection of his order.

Withdrawal - Refund

In accordance with the provisions of Article L 121-20 et seq. of the French Consumer Code, the customer has a withdrawal period of seven clear days from the date of delivery of the order to return at his expense any product whose quality is not suitable to Ecopack Concept, 202 Avenue de la République, 26270 Loriol-sur-Drôme, for exchange or refund, without penalty except for the cost of return.
Refunds will be made within a maximum of fifteen days.

Claims - Disputes

As part of our Quality Department, we welcome all complaints, always on the assumption of good faith. The Seller guarantees the quality of these products.
For perishable goods, in the event of a hidden defect or quality deemed insufficient by the customer, the latter may contact us by email or post within 24 hours of receiving the order, providing factual proof of dissatisfaction (order reference, photos, description of non-conformity).
In the event of apparent defects, the buyer has the right to return the goods. The terms of return will be given to the customer according to the nature of the dispute.
The parties agree that this contract is subject to French law. In the event of a dispute, the French courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction.
Complaints should be addressed to the customer service department at the following address:
Ecopack Concept, 202 Avenue de la République, 26270 Loriol-sur-Drôme or by phone: 0665753414

Force majeure

Ecopack Concept shall not be held liable for non-performance of the contract due to the occurrence of an event of force majeure. If the product cannot be delivered, the sale may be cancelled and the purchaser may obtain restitution of his payment, to the exclusion of any other indemnity or damages.
War, riot, fire, strikes, bad weather, accidents and the impossibility of being supplied or delivering are considered as force majeure discharging the seller from its obligation to deliver.
With regard to products purchased to satisfy professional needs, Ecopack Concept shall not be held liable for any indirect damages, operating losses, loss of profit, damages or expenses that may arise from the present.


Sales are made at the catalog price indicated on the site on the day of the order. Prices are given in Euros and include all taxes.


The website may contain hypertext links to other sites. This site makes no commitment regarding any other site to which you may have access via the site and is in no way responsible for the content, operation, services offered and access to these sites, which are governed by their own terms and conditions.
Ecopack Concept declines all responsibility for any misuse of the products it sells. Products are foods that in most cases need to be prepared (washed, peeled, cooked, etc.) before being consumed.
Ecopack Concept, the site host, shall in no event be liable for any direct or indirect damages - including, but not limited to, loss of business, profits or data - arising out of the use or inability to use the site or the content and elements accessible through the site. This limitation applies in tort as well as in contract, even if the site host has not been informed of any such damage.

Information technology and civil liberties

The Ecopack Concept website is in the process of being declared to the CNIL.
The personal data collected from the Consumer when registering for the Service is subject to the provisions of the French Data Protection Act no. 78-17 of January 6, 1978. The Consumer therefore has the right to object as provided for in article 26 of the aforementioned law, the right of access as provided for in articles 34 to 38 of the aforementioned law, and the right of rectification as provided for in article 36 of the aforementioned law. These rights of access and rectification may be exercised by e-mail to the following address: . Ecopack Concept does not pass on to third parties the personal data collected on the consumer and does not transfer them outside the European Economic Area.

Intellectual property

All texts, comments, works, illustrations, images and sounds reproduced on the Ecopack Concept website are reserved under copyright and intellectual property law worldwide.
As such, and in accordance with the provisions of the French Intellectual Property Code, only private use is permitted, subject to more restrictive legal provisions.
Any other use not expressly authorized in advance by Ecopack Concept is prohibited and constitutes an infringement. Any total or partial reproduction of the Ecopack Concept catalog and/or website is strictly forbidden.
Elements belonging to Ecopack Concept, such as the website, images, text and product design, are the exclusive property of Ecopack Concept.
The Internet user shall refrain from directly or indirectly infringing the property rights of Ecopack Concept.

Applicable law

These terms and conditions are governed by French law.

Protection of minors
In accordance with article L. 3342-1 of the French Public Health Code, which stipulates that the sale of alcohol to minors under the age of sixteen (16) is forbidden, the buyer undertakes, by validating his order, to be at least sixteen (16) years old on the date of the order by accepting the GCS when paying for his order.

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