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Kraft cardboard bowls

6 models from 60 to 1300 ml, more ecological and versatile than ever!

Discover Ecopack's kraft cardboard bowls, a simple, eco-friendly solution for all takeaway professionals. 

Made mainly from recyclable materials and containing less than 10% of plastic, they can be easily integrated into cardboard recycling channels, making them an environmentally-friendly choice.

By opting for these kraft cardboard bowls, you're choosing a product that respects the environment while remaining practical and versatile for your everyday life. 

90 % less plastic!

Ecopack presents a varied range of kraft paperboard bowls, from small sauce jars to larger containers, covering all professional needs. This diversity makes it possible to package different types of product, whether cold or hot. Bowls are also suitable for microwave reheating, adding to their practicality.

Kraft bowls are made with a minimum of plastic, unlike traditional trays. They can therefore be recycled in the cardboard industry. From 60ml sauce pots to 5 containers of 250, 500, 750, 1000 and 1300ml. Package all your product ideas in environmentally-friendly packaging.


Personalize your kraft cardboard bowls

At Ecopack Concept, we understand that every detail counts. Find out how we can help you improve the customer experience while strengthening your brand image.

Our creative team will place your logo and colors on your kraft cardboard bowls to make them recognizable to your customers. 

Choose Ecopack Concept for packaging that sets you apart with elegance and eco-responsibility.

Packaging customized to your image

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