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Become an Eco partner

Part of our customer base has come from existing customers, whose enthusiasm for our products has brought new users to us.

We've decided to encourage this initiative, by offering customers who have decided to promote our eco-friendly trays, as well as new customers who join us, free shipping on their orders.


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What does it mean to be an eco-partner?

  • You use our products.
  • You appreciate and support the approach.
  • Your customers love it.
  • In short, you're satisfied with our collaboration.

So why not share your experience with other industry professionals?

Help us raise our profile and reach many more people in the trade.

What can we offer you?

A sign of gratitude, we offer the "Sponsor" 10 free % trays in additionon your next order, whatever the amount!

On his side, the "Sponsored" professional will also receive 10 % of free traysregardless of the amount of the first order, as a welcome gift!

How it works

  • You share your experience with a colleague.
  • He agrees to a first order.
  • He contacts us by e-mail, telephone or on the networks.
  • He tells us the name of his sponsor, an ECOPACK CONCEPT customer.

And off we go! 😉


  • The sponsored colleague must not be a customer, nor have been contacted by us.
  • Freebies will only be given on our 4 tray references, and will depend on logistical constraints and availability at the time.
  • The new sponsored customer will receive his free trays at the same time as his first order. The sponsor and ECOPACK CONCEPT customer will receive their free trays with their next order.
  • The ECO PARTNER promotion is valid only until December 31, 2023.
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