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Disposable plates

At Ecopack, we're transforming the experience of restaurateurs and fishmongers with our eco-friendly disposable plates. Designed to meet the specific needs of these professionals, our plates combine practicality and aesthetics, while doing something for biodiversity. 

Disposable plates perfect for your business

Our disposable plates are fully compostable, as they are made from natural 100% plant fibers, offering an ecological alternative to polluting plastic. By adopting Ecopack products, you're actively helping to reduce the environmental impact of your business, showing your customers your commitment to the planet. 

In addition to their lightness, Ecopack disposable plates make it easier to organize your business, as they are compact and lightweight for easy storage. 

Although thin and recyclable, our disposable plates are nonetheless sturdy, keeping your dishes or seafood in perfect condition until they reach your customers. 

Don't wait any longer and invite Ecopack disposable plates into your establishment, for impeccable, responsible presentation of your products. 


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