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Eco-friendly packaging

The advantages of our eco-friendly food packaging

Want to reduce your plastic consumption? 
Limit your impact on the climate and the planet by using our eco-friendly seafood packaging from Ecopack Concept!

Choosing eco-friendly packaging goes beyond the purchase itself. It's an active contribution to the global effort needed to protect our planet. In a world where every gesture counts, it's essential to be aware of this inescapable reality.

Innovative, eco-friendly packaging

Reducing your consumption of plastic packaging is also a direct response to demand from your own customers. Today's consumers are increasingly attentive and critical of the environmental practices associated with packaging.
They are looking for companies that share their values of respect for the environment and are actively committed to minimizing their ecological footprint.

By adopting an ecological approach to your packaging choices, you're not only responding to the planet's call, but also to your customers' expectations, strengthening your reputation and your relationship with your customers.

Your new recyclable food packaging

Ecopack Concept packaging is carefully designed using environmentally-friendly materials, guaranteeing a sustainable solution for packaging your products. Made from plant-based materials, our packaging reduces environmental impact while preserving the freshness and quality of your seafood platters.


Our recyclable packaging is also practical to use. They are designed to fit perfectly on your seafood platters, ensuring elegant presentation and ease of use for your customers.

What's more, with Ecopack trays, you don't have to worry about recycling: the trays can go straight into your compost bin and degrade in no more than 3 months.

By choosing our recyclable packaging, you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability while offering your customers an exceptional culinary experience. Make the responsible choice, limit your use of plastic with Ecopack and help preserve the environment.

Bringing new trends in eco-friendly packaging closer to companies' real needs

Food containers for all foodservice professionals

Ecopack Concept seafood trays can be accompanied by accessories adapted to your activity to guarantee maximum freshness for your products.

Our seafood tray covers are specially designed for takeaway orders. Made from recycled bottles, they provide optimum protection while offering an elegant presentation to your customers. Available in a range of sizes, they can be perfectly adapted to your specific needs.

Looking for a more versatile solution? Wrapeco® covers are practical and customizable to align with your working style, presentation preferences and the types of seafood platters you offer. Whatever your approach, Wrapeco® guarantees speed of use while maintaining consistent aesthetics and quality for your customers.

If you prefer an environmentally-friendly approach, our BOPP film is 100% recyclable, offering a sustainable, eco-friendly storage solution for your seafood platters.

At Ecopack Concept, we're committed to providing you with a variety of options tailored to your needs, while contributing to the sustainability of your business.

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