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Wrapeco® covers

A range of practical, easy-to-use covers to dress your different tray formats in record time!

The ultra-fast cover!

Wrapeco® covers work 4 to 5 times faster than traditional wrapping film. They enable you to wrap your trays in just a few simple steps.

Wrapeco® covers can be adapted to your way of working, your tastes in terms of presentation, or the types of trays you usually offer. In all cases, Wrapeco® gives you the speed you need, while maintaining a safe, aesthetic presentation for your customers.

In the following two videos, we present two suggestions for the use of slipcovers, but we're sure that everyone will be able to add their own personal touch.

Quick & easy

Wrapeco® covers are very easy to use, but there are a number of essential steps to follow. We've summarized them here in 4 simple steps, to make them easier to understand.

The result is a packaging that's very quick to set up, with a final result that's always homogenous and aesthetically pleasing.

Wrapeco® opens up a multitude of possible uses. Seafood platters, of course, but also cheese platters, charcuterie platters, cut-up fruit platters, gourmet baskets, etc...

Wrapeco® packs all your takeaway ideas!

Packaging customized to your image

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