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Seafood tray Ø 474mm

62,70 H.T.

🦐 The first eco-friendly seafood platter
🌱 Made from 100% plant-based material
🍂 Biodegradable, compostable in less than 3 months

Oval seafood tray 488 x 348mm

51,90 H.T.

Seafood tray Ø 350mm

30,90 H.T.

Seafood tray Ø 279mm

24,60 H.T.

An ideal tray for large volumes. Made from plant fibers, it's totally environmentally friendly. It is recyclable, compostable and, of course, biodegradable in a very short space of time. It offers excellent rigidity and waterproofing, and behaves perfectly in contact with ice. Completely suitable for food contact, it's an excellent ecological communication medium, and all at a low price. Take advantage now!

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Carton of 30 trays


🌱 Compostable

  • Natural


    SEAFOOD ECO® is made from natural, renewable 100% plant-based materials.

  • Biodegradable


    SEAFOOD ECO® is recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. In nature, it disappears in 3 months

  • Versatile


    4 formats to meet all your needs: round Ø279, Ø350, Ø474 mm and oval 488 x 348 mm

  • Compact


    SEAFOOD ECO® is a minimum of volume for a maximum of products.
    30 trays, 25 cm high!

  • Adaptable


    SEAFOOD ECO® fits perfectly into standard tray racks.

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