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Seafood tray cap Ø 478mm

70,50 H.T.

💧 Made from bottle waste
💪 Sturdy, you can stack up to 3 trays

Seafood tray cap 488 X 348mm

68,70 H.T.

Seafood tray cap Ø 350mm

46,20 H.T.

Seafood tray cap Ø 279mm

43,50 H.T.

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♻️ Recyclable


Box of 30 caps

  • 100% Recycled

    100% Recycled

    The caps are made from pre-treated bottle waste. The caps themselves are recyclable.

  • 3 Sizes

    3 Sizes

    Our caps fit round, medium and large seafood trays, as well as oval trays.

  • Stackable


    The strength of the caps allows 3 trays to be stacked safely, so you can optimize your space.

  • Hook


    Our lids feature hooks around the rim to improve grip on trays.

  • Elegance


    The ideal complement to add a touch of elegance to your product presentation.

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